Provincial Freeman (Toronto and Chatham, ON: Mary Ann Shadd Cary (October 9, 1823 – June 5, 1893)), December 9, 1854, p. 2 (2024)

ffijmmpy uam mr i ivuit x i their little force of 200 chasseurs the heavy cavalry in columns of squadrons mov ed slowly backwards covering the retreat of the broken men the ground was left c withourincn and with hu kossjans and we could see the cgssaclibi searching the dead our infantry roauefi fcrward movement towards tbe redoubts af tar tbe cavalry came in and the rus ifej fcntry in advance slowly retired towaajs tin gorge at tbe same time the french cavalry pushed forward on their right and held them b cheek pushing out line of skirmishers and forcing them to withdraw their guns the russians frvnhe reddubts still barast- yd wvery njtfenfshe sfeoljand infantry hist division were ordered to lie jjgraabfeft linets escape their effect the forth division covered by theorising ground and two regiments of french infan- try wh had valley followed jiyast a jnored onwardtoopc- fcijght already threaten- avalr tbe russians m the- french j and as it would be madness to taa as oor light horse bad done the 0 contented themselves with keeping flwbirtw at h m the 5sians advadee and y of bur intention to turn or 4atetfch no 1 redoubt n of by the allies bndwet reaonbt no 2 tnagamne andt as we stilt rbdjwieethet blew op and aban- i wittli45teti to bur great re- wraioiilmendrinforcetopre- t thbrtalcsbff seven out of nine guns a l81tertuskh all began ferethb slowly and v ifrto jpiffibjaft cjt up th hills tes ji which still belongs to them uihope that we would attack them in that p but it was not our desire to yse7itkvfiire bad already found ottf v3bfcni we made np our m therefore wwinhe ttussians have tbe redbuhts noa liked -tc- content owselves with keeping balaklara and the cownunieation with it open by tbe west erly sjkd southerly heights behind our camp taeartdlery on the right of the first division fired sispt and rockets at the 1st redoubt but conm tot do much good nor could the heavy jjum aftbe batteries near the town carry so hrath annoy l be russians at twelve oclock the greater portion of the french ad english moved on more rapidly and an to the streng of o artillery was srtiy t5etwa trench batteries who i on towards the frontof our left in ifpport of their cavalry tjbe first division j still infine along tbe route to bal- j jwrn tvmnjfe tn12 15nbt a shot was tgjbgjjw qmer snfe but iae kassians gather- other the agametnum which was closer in suffered much less vessel as well as crew aud then most of the shots fired into the agnmctno damaged the rigging while the veil aufenj camay ne buboiya oct 27 yotrsvil bi glaio knar f am alivyjrfler bur tremendous affair of the 25th we were ordered to charge some rus sian batteries and cavalry and tbe light brig adweatadowji the 17th and 13th leading in line the 41 til were ordered to hang avuttle hack mi a support arid the 4th and 8th fbl- lowed in a sort of third line we all knew- that the thing was despe rate before we started and it was even worse than we thought in ourjfootabauta milaand half ouv werejeverallinesotltussiancavajryand nine guns to get at which we had to pass along a wide valleyvsith the ground a little falling and in haajf favourable ennugb for a charge of cavalry jbut the sloping hills on each side gave the enemy an opportunity which they used of placing guns on both our flanks as we advanced andnot only gunshut jnrantfyilwifblmiute rifles however there was no hesitation down our fellows went at the gallop through a fire iq fmnt and on both flankswhich emptied- our saddles andknocked -over- horses by scores i do not th t one man fl ed in tltewbole brigade though every one al lows 4fcat so hot a- fire was scarcely ever seenr ners at their guns the russians worked the pios till we were within ten yards of them went on still broke a line of cavhjryin rear of the guns and drove ir back on the third line but here our bolt wasshot and tbe russians formed four deep and our thin and broken ranks and blown horses could nbtatr temptto break through them particularly as andinoi heglment ia the following words it has fallen to my lot this day to present new col ours to your reeimeat and proud am of the office which devoir ppon me the tie 1 1 1 jy itltli itrnnlyreaeptry mubt necen- iarily m the bonngeat more especially jnust i fell a deep interest in your welfare commanded as you are by my own son you aijo all soijerset men you have lived more or teas ln intimacy with each other from child- that hodd born oh the aame soil with your officers they your natural protectors aroenrolled un der the same banner soldiers of the 1st somerset it at impossible to ssy what the tide fsfevkhtp may brio about- and should those colt ejreunfumej jhjhebawoneldrronrufr mbnlaf8mfteraev ui uf the tilljg president- halnlets which surround my native home will i doubt not serve our most gracious queon and country as faithfully and as bravely as the heroes who have distinguished themselves so nobly an the heights of alma cheers but i trust 1kb btessinfsof peace maybe restored and that ypurbavingdone7jourdutiesasrsol diers at the call of your cjouiitry will return to your english homes and firesides officers and toldiaisoc the 1st somersetaccept at my bands these colours presented to you by the ladies of the county of somerset and when you carry them iu front of battle the best prayers of your countrywoman and neighbours follow yon st t ctolotelljardhfnlon when the cheeiing had subsided rode to the front of the platform and replied to her lady ships speech in becoming terms iromthejrhnt the greeks ia england it has been repres to us that many ofthtgreek merchants resident in iondon who probably owe their lives and certainly am iui jrtheir fonnjttwiojj the heighb over tmjgtlpi aatjithtkeemiigthegrcavalrylnn- tiitv plaiiiinanbsuvred in front on our right t8r anrqbertj who bad gbneff a snort previously to inspect the position of his mxrom a telegraph station near us re- tatieb and hid an animated conversation li below sound and geberal canroberfihoutod to the zouares tt asked what tfis tonivrit tim- r- t jghpn ren the kuksian cavalry hall got round biir flanks andwere prepared t cha our rear with fresh men we broke back through them hbwwertatd tllothtdbun tlfegauntler tbrough the crosslire of artillery and minie rifles back to our lines with theii cavalry hanging on our flank the heavy brigade which had nude a good charge of its own in the morning covered our coming out of ac tion and lostsome menfrom the artillery there is no concealing the thing the lightjirigade was greatly damaged and for nothing for though we killed tbe gunners and the horses of nine 12potmders we could notbringitbem array- rrrh nolan fwho brought the orderl is dead the first shell that burst hit him in the breast he gave a loud cry his horse turned trotted back with bim in the saddle hetween tbe firf and un mw-jm- rtta 13k anrl earried- s f aume way wheu he fe their fortunes to the protection they have en joyed mnder the british flag hare so far far- gotten themselves and their true position as to givetennoweutsatisfaclionat the result of the- late foray of the russians in a most in decent manner we have no desire that these ptlemen should be ptppj tn v f kdtol vmenca even nds the a and w bhbjtctof jraad and pread decided nsliery evernbore vij c- ml tiriilrtwmhe ex- iitini niiiiitl mffi ihinf fj i im hi tone of conversation the joy expressed in the cheap papers by parties in the streets and-ex- cited enrmirets artbey dsyour t bulletins f urtteptibbc and anng- grieved friend ofcivil and religious liberty m m themeajleejiwr of amertau aakasaadors in europe fomparttntc fnuuurylrf wldi iom wry hver side ft bark i hoft ihrviiuat rising i k hnrrab lo prohlbiuoirf x give us the law of maine from lowhsn4lioi too loni the licensed dealer ji batdjftsed gtoyanmajejiassold pa mte iuptkll ib-bear-itfr- bloioujylhe damning slain from indunti slatutes give us the law of maine no legalised rumlling our country curse and sbame downdown wfuteverygroggery r qpeachevery stllfbouae flame adhternultglilailon we most and will obtain hz- itis nowj9uj-that-the-report-from-mr- soule wuithat spain woold not sell cuba at any price and that upon consultation as to tbe state oftquibliean feeimgut etotpsdfc rvs all the ambassadot ngreed that isjas decid law of maine edly below iar even in italy- ta people aresaid to be tired of makzinism this repojt is somewhatcorrciorated by a recent iethafjoiirparis iu theny twiu generally dredited to ik marvel author of the reveries of a bachelor he says that the public sentiment of europe seems to be turning against america- it ia generally asserted and helievedj that the americans jury in consequence of their political opinions they are as free to cast with t czar nicho a with queen victoria but 7fsuctthetheir jresolltipnletenntrenee betake themselves to the territories of their friends and evacuate the capital of their enemies they would do well to draw a comparison between their present position and what it would have beea had they been enrolled in the merchant guildsiof muscovyr they have no doubt as perfect a right as we have ourselves to political sympathies and opinions one thing however let them re member england will tolerate no avowed raemytinhefccapitarttlbbommtsbe way dead he w hit in the beartj in thirtwo leading regiments including lord cardigan who led in person and his staff we had woflicers qbiy7threecame out of the action untouched both men and horse all the others were killed wounded or prisoners or had t horses hart tbe 17ih had no held omcers but five captainst tbey came out of action commandedby the junior captain i believe morrisonis severely wounded winter is supp to be lfed i vwewis shoflhrbug thtll spending her lifes blood in cootestwithrher inveterate foe the sea is open to tbem if they would be gone from our shores they may depart without let or hindrance from us hill if kpt ktmnin lluv smfiuc c s- oarnersriffhgland and occupy themselvet with their own privat matt not w pub lic affairs of tbe jbritishj nation savetiiua friendly spirit ti they would do well to re flect vith themselves upon what the ebntluct of tbe russian autocrat would havebeen had he caught them at moscow or nishni nov- gortdejpressjng publicly their jtjrn are a rapacfous iand unprincipled people- the filibuster forays upon cuba and mexico the bombard roesfof san juan stcaretipon every ones lips when america is mentioned and when it n urged that jsuropean govern ments also are by no mcanb scrupulous the ready answer comes but are you no better than they 1sat eve post tram iht fnillbon tkv teoman nov is kidna of fret ntgroaiii kentucky nret utrt taktnjrom ukwand sold into slavery dtrperauon ofthe gang negro trddtrslmplicatcd thelast fewdays unfolded to tlipublicl 8uc1ininllihgfacts as tocreale a spirit of indomitable determination to purge thii com munity of a class of desperadoes now in festing this section as to inspire such en thusiastic excitement seldom if ever wit nessed in- any city kidnapping free ne groes in ohio and deluding our slaves from their masters to recapture and sell them is an established profession of a gang located upon tho borders of the ohio combining with-negro-traders-ih-theintertor-of-tlus- state thereby boldly conducting ajrillian ow long o lord ribo orpoah and moornlog widowcry bow long thevrlhn widow rwiiitabsrteakuiexk tho wouldbe sober drunkard wbowonldbot cant refrain diaht oh 1 for the prohibition give m the law of maine i then op ye ixmpersnce neroes thoseabbard throw away nor lay midi your armor tilluiclory crown ttu day indiana vonos thfi swinioidibs of a the wena auodatum who ha aiiountaj fttas by order of the board i abolpbds juda t tr 7 t y 4 trwgtjjfa 80 lttj m a snidd general agent jar ms paper is in lie western pari of he province on iusiness connecte4eutjupap7skmu visilmwagan ohio and prooaitj pennsylvania before her return i mlltcdnre by invitation on taeprae- 5 english literature in century rev k ameri t tie canadai and otter jrifti pyper dd provinces nortii of tieuntied slates ana wul at tie same time seek to extend tie circulation of tie provinciii fruiun business letters peoyingril fpeiajfi till over t8ftawenacteciyretgn search wuture and doirueiioo a la i s o main n- prombitory liquor law league gssswlffg l whifftihrm7gh thf lrfhtinpsntit*iiprsifa xtiebm at li28 the whole of tto h t h7r ti rjl am got into motion towards the ene- i tie exception of the first division liwiomd en echelon towards tbbopposite keeping their right wing well before tfinray at 1240 captain calthrope leii by lord raglan with orders to tbe k which seemed to have tbe effect of fe disposition of our front for tbe bit left- when we got to tbe ridges hey took possession of redoubts nos 1 2 and 3 betta russians evidently intended to keep todraw us after tbem if possible ts die gorge where tbey had retired their air oaf object was solely to keepl emsattyayflns vas hot our game and as w not advance but kept lliavalfy inffont of the approach to the slraartini passes it became evident tbere vrtfeldbfiirtb engagement today awaweodtnnedvitfa little effectceased aliuether itliq and the two armies re wlseaieff resipieetive positions oar men attdborias were alike tfred and hungry and ttttevwlre no better lord i on thi kmide an day tay isacmv verb sir colie campt sir g cathcart and lord cardi- rfhairurferviewbwith lord raglan who t listeaed to their recitals with great faliprif ftlni ijil jfrnfliif t joined general ottotiert and there was a long cbnveraa- th freb apd e tchtalf inpveddown totheval- andeiamined the enemys pc- wis dart ere lord raglan re- with the last gleam i sheen ol the enemys om position in the valley and ttraasaulf crowned tbe heights and beebpied the road to the ifibyond balaklavato the i r qnards were moving back f the tired troops french ed to be killed c one of lord cardi gans aidesdecamp is wounded maxse the other lockwood is missing and sup posed to be killed we ha ve lost about 335 horses exclusive jofoffieers horses out df little more than 600 which we the light brigade had in the field besides that a great numberare wounded with gunshot wounds and about twentyfive have already been dest and more wil was a bitter moment after we broke- through the line of cavalry in rear of their guns when i looked round and saw there was no sup port beyoog our own brigade which leard- iogin tbe smoke had diverged and scarcely filled tbe ground we went on however and hoped that their own men flying would break tbe enemys line and drive tbem into the river when i saw them form four deep instead i knew itwas all up and cal- led ont to the men to rally at this mo ment a solitary squadron ot the 8tb came up at the result pf the battle fought on tbe almas banks now if we english do not resem ble the russian czar in apy other particular at least we eq perha surpass him in our j foron hpnourjwe wjllnbx iuatjohearajc ous system of piracy heretofore unknown in the annals of crime in kentucky on friday morning this community was lpprised of the fsc lbjrougb7lhelneiiby of i colored personsrthararee negro girl was forcibly taken from ohio and brought to kentackysunpicionor the statemehb of the negroes which is not evidence in ken tucky proved that lewis allen and henry young of this county were tho individuals in whose possession she was found arrests were made our best and promi- nent citizens turning but to capture die rogues lewis andallen young were forcibly taken by the people froorprison and delivered to the authorities of ohio- where they witfbe jdisposeptof asw we have received three essays irdm the se cretary of the league on the subject of legal suasion against mtemperane they are credit- ableproduciiuns and should be widely circu latpd one of these is a priw essay for which i the sons gave 25 and the otners were written forthe sane8ubject thsy were procured from the authors by tbe executive committee of the league and publfehed for distribution at 5 par thousand no friend ofthe cause could lay out q5 to a better purpose than by ordering a thousand of these tracts and seeing that every house in his township town or village is supplied with one temperance men need not imagine that the work is done that be cause the principle of a prohibitory law has been adopted by a large majority in tbe lower house it is likely to find a place on the statute book without further agitation and a fierce lstruggletbehincksrmcnabsndxjayleysr who now c an dbe majority openly laugh at the idea ol a maine law being passed saturjasec bh8 trotrettlbs afftarta rt wluii if urir toronto mr alnwl yttstppm tiout aanta lifouwib nilian i local luv rhvm wnaqbbt ciulwrhn ratfj w tws 03 a very destructive on wednesday bakery and the the time the ng much i of whioh was nto mechanics ucotuluts kb rax the following programme of dec s3 the reroiratoryj i 1855 jan l male 715719 mind restial beings rev 4 js jq i r uonbdacrofv eeb a feb 9 on feb 1g on life assurance thona kuh puii o w oori mll bmnlton o yy capital city raised over the fate of our brav est sons by a hybrid rabble who are indebted to us for the wealth and security they enjoy settiag all ideas of decency and propriety out of tbe question at least for their own sakes it would have been aj well bad the greeks waited to ascertain the real founda tion upon which their expressions of satisfac tion reposed we feel a very sure confi- luilyatingnirmtslblthiaesbrvetienry rxil tlj ili-r- nn sympathizers with the czar tbemen who rejoice that some two or three hundred eng lishmen have been slaughtered in tbe crimea will find that their joy was nol a little pre mature this however is not the point whether one englishman or 10000 english men have been killed- it matters not the greeks here utxoodon cannot be permitted to triumph in the destruction of a single brit ish soldier though be be but one if any quaker gentlemanmr john bright for ex ample tunics the moment a wellchosen one young is detained for trialat this side thus this suffering community ii to be rid of three brothers whose bold career of crime was a terror to tho peace and safety of the public lewis ana henry young openly boast of their determination to burn the city they confess it tobe their source of livelihood to steal a free negro or decoy our slaves and ip this country and treatthoir vote for the second reading as a capital joke at the same time thatjhesejricketera are voting forajro- hibitory jaw ta humteg vhgiv constituents thoy introduce a bill setting apart and pledging the license fund for the payment of the tenujrejatmforthsnext qnarter of a cen tury at least and alio reduce the duties on wines to such an extent ss to encourage their importation ad libitum these thingk look like prohibition over the left jvora american ths dublin trade recent decree of the french gorernment prohibiting the distillation of spirits from grain isjtoelrtojhotmrjieasujjr ila t sell-4hern-4o-negro-traders-let-me-here- r r replaced oy a strong dfruesl which was marched down ajleyaifive oclock- all our opera- frti0a lt hfehtf in the yflfwhicbodr by owa- by ohe brataurty of a ferocious 1 our canawflgbt tbday for blaming the policy of his countrymen and writing up tbe muscovite at least he is an englishman but let no foreign merchant at tempt to follow suit with englishmen tbe country can settle its quarrels another way but to tbe foreigners who enjoy the protec tion of our laws who of their own choice have settled in our country there can be but one of two courses open if tbey disapprove the policy of action of the british nation in good order this saved the remnant of us 5 for we rallied to them and tbey wheel ing about charged a line which tbe russians had formed in our rear you never saw men behave so well as our men did as we could not bold our ground all our dead and badly wounded were left behind and we know not who are dead or who are prisoners all this makes me miserable even to write but it is the naked truth our loss in men 4tnots gratafctratinltt who horses were shot in the advance got back on loot 1 near rromaman wno dinei with lord raglan tbrday thattjiey do us justice at headquarters and say that our attack was an unheardof feat of arms and thatxord raglan says that the moral effect has been wonderful the russian prisoners since taken at sebastopol say that the rus sians were petrified at the audacity ofbe attack and tbe energy that could after such a fire break through their lines these pris oners were taken ina very snee essful-effair- apprise the slave owners of kentucky that negro traders are more to be feared and require a closer watch than the incendiary abolitiunists secretly insinuating themselves among us it is justly estimated that twothirds of the slaves that escape from their masters are transported through the agency of slave dealers to the south let tbe loser of slave property examine the negro pens of the state and throughout the south before of- tcnrtf rewards or luuklug towards canada by sir de xacy evans who is a first rate division leader m killed or mtssin im men sbssiog total 169 21 officers mbwb woniided and mnjsing ttfiaiaauig 394 horses r- neariy26jraeh tie cavilrjrai thej- timed out being en- ti is v i jw established defence of the hallow vnq aoougb broadsides really caanrputiee a xpore fire thany fort in dei canw resist fire therefore 4 ship epmes rbi-iird- iu own danger- decreases lord dunkelin who is exceedingly near sighted started during the night of saturday 19tb with a parly of the guards for one of the batferies mused bis road and walked into the hands of the russian patlying pick et he must have been well m advance for his men when they discovered their error rushed at obee from the danger and escaped being unarmed andfew in number assis tance to their officer was out of the question- moreover it vras quite dark as fruice mensphikoff is one ofthe old russian party he will i donbt not direct tbe greatest at tention tobe paid to his noble prisoner aod there is a further reason why lord duakijiin should be weir cared forv- his father was once ambassador at the court of st petersburgl and neceuaror personally acquainted with yon may perceive that the sympathies of thepress in this republic are decidedlyjnai nifeated on behalf oj the czar various causes combine to produce such an extraordinary result there is in the first place the chronic hatred of england which is characteristic of the yankee and which seems on the increase i frnpl jaaf lo jpnr t fg1ingliii japlace to extent been inflamed by the efforts bflthe determined mitchell and meagher clique who speak and all under the brief and enthosiastic admin write so at to carry the irish romanists along istration of mayor dobynsi who is untiring with them this cause would be insignifi- in enforcing the law maintaining our rights cant were it not that political and party and wherever his judicial talents andlejral reasons conspire to render ij neidful experience is wanunff he declares this city thstetigurjtttbtarse represented m now i here fearlessly charge that arty man or set of men who deal in slaves as a busi ness or profession will hot hesitate from conscientious scruples to receive stolen pro perty or assist in deluding a contented slave from home for tbe sake of gain let the citizens of this stte frown down these offensive characters destroy their in human pens and the condition of our slaves will be much improved r j i4aveuyedmieditbr from biy subject the citycouncil met on monday morning afldortwedtrnieetiiig of tj pie to protect thto righls and property for withintfive day s thecitjr hasbeen redin various portions sdd the- alarm bell ropes cut inthe ideatitimeseven orcjmt pf our slaves were missing this is intolerable tho meeting above was presided over by mayor dobyns resolutions were passed vigilance committees were appointed exci ting scenes transpired which would not be ihjrtli of ipireonoand portance tdtbe interests of ireland prit marily to the distillers and indirectly to the farming interest already a large quantity of dublinmade whiskey had been contracted for totie house alone messrstfenryroe sons it is said iui hipping orders to tbe extent of between 300 and 400 puncheons and there seems every probability that the trade will be a permanent one at a recent meeting of the dublin distillers tbe price of new whiskey was fix at 3s fid p gallon hobrt browatniadm o w zh minlo surf c-w- ab jon iddon wm bmiliixi u iltrwood day chalhun hj voonr corntliw ceirllr tikm jmua wlodior c w ooorfo dfl btpdit detroit- 8 jbnmr t w strtnr butoa ghxesarvei u osom carey draades a r ortfll cidciooau wm webb plttabiint- joho mbrown- wttt climtr pa mralpuunonnupratallan y- mr thos w brpwn harriabont wm still philadelphia 1 n blill brooklja jj carj nuiara valla c w 14 moaea burton buoalo tevl fotter amharidiaixh c w john luueu o hoolta brooktllla o w prtnltd lor the proprietors at itwlr 0bc6 cky dulullnja kuv stnot eaal parties who have not paid in their sub- e j chapman mar a there more v thoshennlti mar 95vttattiyietjw marsl antfeuliieoof jmocaul llldi y tiekws tor the coaratvbs leorura 7d ladio wil tuie aduilllbd fl tp tun fkmau einatutita hiirrtt ok oanaduh part first pf mrs o cheer up the woman who has h0od hom*o tocndstnew one land and to guide hep tothe scribtions and those also who owe for job work done at this ofscerarmaquested to pay in the amounts due within the- present month mooeyjnaybe safely transmitted by maivwhen uieworas monoy letter should be stamped on the envelop at the office where it is deposited prepaying p is s to h a wonderful effect in facilitating the delivery of mailable mat ter as a ma of selfinterest at least it might well repay a trial by those who have itadoptedthfrsystemr 25 o p at which figure it is anticipated that the trade will buy freely inasmuch as thequantity bonded in the past season has been small patent still whiskey gradually creeps up hflw themaise lawwill worm i can stop a hundred groggeries under the maine law while any man can stop one un der this partial licensing law cheers we should know e where to look for them jmow we do not know we cannot tell where the licensed and unlicensed shops are we cannot find them i like the good rule with regard to the groggbop given by an irishman to his son when going to a fair handing bim the shillelah he said here teddy my bojr whenever you see a head bit it 1 loud laughter and applause when we have a law upon that plain plat form it will be all right and so when i see bottles in the window and tbe sigtrof fporter gin brandy or ale then i shall know that the is the place to get to work and then i you we will go to work and effectually too jappjause j uoraugreijt speech luifitabernaek lf wlaur has come again alatelc i 3ithezll- luirbenqmtepleasantbnc even november until the last seemed wil ling by a goodly supply of calm and baiy days to lull ik into the belief that the king of the frosts woujjongdecrjiis coining but with deffisiser he came with audderf- awokening oh saturday night bnbw com- meneed falling and continued- with little intermission until monday morning when some every day since and as a consequence the city presents quite a wintry appearance the jingle of bells is giving place to the rumbling noise of wheeled vehicles and the bright eyes of the belles peering out above the ample folds of fur show that though the rigors of winter may surround us the art of man stands ready at all times to li thepi meansfbahiihihhetregreta also be found to contain of value to the man whpjjs time caljed to contend with the the forest thp writer many years a resident of this had ample opportunity of life in all its phases and being pccujiarly suchaiwokas the guide so much more freely in tbe than form and also among people in the ij jitod stales no doubtjbernpid for sale by maclear is co the principal booksellers in statesprioelsrscb tbe little pilobim the impterements and inventions to pro mote the comforts and conveniences of mani kind increase around us every day and yet tbe poor never cease out of the- land the inventor and manufacturer must be paid the furrier and clothier must receive a just recompense biijwpe woes the dny w the very poor when the first show this little monthly- edited greenwckmlandjanderh into existence last january and success almost unprecedented while adapted to intelligent child are always such pay a perusal bylhe pwents scription list now numbers fellow topper whitticr mary si and eliza l sproat the contributors the terms peryear or ten copies i for four dommunicationb should be le k lippinc from tbe aattsuvt circusltb sutetrle in the w isoruedxconrersatioii in liud soch is the scarcity of this article inruuia that it pries formerly one ruble and a half per pound has now risen to six sil ver ruble itia the same with sulphur that has become quite tcarce on account of the wocksde and as tbe material fs peculiarly a contraband vf war it can no longer be con- vejedintb tbe empire from neutral countries i tens paantarrnosi orcoiocas to the 1st beoerawttblre militia tbokplacti at plymouth ilea octoewliyvbyladtpaalett mother of j3ofcl tha siabopj bybijitentodbno fyftommimi ri i rvf flie patron o tyrants and oppressors it is well known that the chief cause of alarm relative to cuba arises from the dread that any vio lation of the law of nationbin seizingthis island is sure to be resented by both eng land and france it was hoped and it was most earnestly desired by large masses of the people here who long to carry ameri can institutions into cupa that england may have ber resources so entirely occupied in the east that she shall have neither time nor means to notice so trifling an event as the seizure of cnba hehce nothing would please this party more than to bear of a ruinc disaster xjvcrtajdng the adtesjland the more seriona the reverie which the western powers have to bear the niore confident are these lovers of freedom that tbey would hare a free coarse to obtain their desires so also to relation to the isthmus there is no doubt whatever but that the policyof the leaders in the union is to drive things to such state that the rbadwer tbe isi- mtts shall be fn tife btotb of americans and totally under tieircontrbl they there fore dread iftry ttetnpi on t6 jiart bf qimlibaetiianc redreser jtrnv tnatt ittoi cr r nnheharidsoffffepebple thelawts somewhere in the books arid tbe people most rule and preteottheinselveito the best of their knowledge and belief on the first principles of natures selfdefence may his reign of terror never endl startling disclosures were made today regardinghe lae terrible powder explosion with other acts of violence known ia the calendar of unhappv events in maxybvide your readers will be duly apprised of new discoveries aid coming importantnews permit me to subscribe myself under the rwhatrhjf maukfl costs from tbe last census the tribune gleans tbe following important facts relative to the quantities of grain malted or distilled per annum in the united states t 097661 3148937 66617 0116840 8787194 1204 61676 apples barley tons of hops malted hqgsheaas of molasses distilled storm heralds tbe coming winter- to their hearts the merry bells con music e costly- furs and rustling silks like the sadjibniorjolaeirjouthfqhope8 pass by- almost unheeded because not to beati tained thoughts akin to these whioh we have penned will arise when viewirtg ihe blue and pinched looking children of poverty passing and repassing their moreijavoured bretbrenwho rej lords on tbe 14th of the on the subject of the revival of the between the pbibf circassia- and constantinople wo also referred to the fact j and lication we have more than once the shameful connivance in this austrian lloyds line of packets gust last tbe subject was urged tention ofibe earl of u tatiohtrom thecommiftee of and barcign antisavefy utrongest representations ibpbarto since made to the saltan of tbebrtuhambadprtbe 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country in liquor manufacture is 9834254 number of morktnen employed 5487 ratio of dis tilled grains compaired with tbe quantity grown of corn there is distilled one bushel in fiftyfour of rye one bushel in five j of oats one bushel in 4510 r of barley there is malted three bushel in fire from thes products are manufactured 42133 955gal- lons of whiskey j 6s0000 of rum 1777- 924 of ale- the aggregate value of these liquors at wbolesalf prices will be about 1994697 besides the above there are made ftlityl gallorir of wineand minconeeitable amount df bad liqubrs that draw heavily for their constitoents upon domestic and foreigndrogs in their manufacture which are not counted in their manufacture though their effects are felt sadly felt in the use a large portion df tbe fightingtum comes from workshops of tbe city manufactories hnt which is udt rociudedip thbabbveestitaates awful ai these frlck on paper tliey fall below the real fact and only show the domsstic deviiea fbretga one is 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the manner in which things in turkey but we should tipe felt tied had tbeprohibition included slavetrade wef append ibe eitract interesting fact y- while the work of war goes rously those who lwlcforwari hrvfllwigkditoilearn strength to be does not pass unootjf ed byr the feieort abandoned their there was a cry ftomlhir partisans slavatsade wjhioh fljecxar had to suppress woufa now be carried twewed vigour- and deeper imquuy apprehension was also felt even porters of the turkish cause wno aw arinjafc juatewjr missioo tea 7idjiladles and aiembersef utesrb ittn withoutbbarcre jlivvii be cnerbesdrret- bill bis acure and barbarous race from aiapa to jrudout kale v l t



Provincial Freeman (Toronto and Chatham, ON: Mary Ann Shadd Cary (October 9, 1823 – June 5, 1893)), December 9, 1854, p. 2 (2024)
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